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Give your living spaces an insanely beautiful and mesmerizing look with our rugs crafted under excellent supervision to serve your spaces with ultimate functionality. We are supplying Persian rugs Dubai to all the residents of Dubai that can make your home look more attractive.

Our rugs not only add a cozy feel but also bring style to your spaces. You can get our naturally made rugs to give your bedrooms and guest rooms a rustic yet elegant look.

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Recreate The Look Of Your Home With Our Modern Persian Rugs

Suppose you are seeking something that can harmonize well with the decor of your modern interior and other home furnishing elements. In that case, you can shop for rugs placed anywhere in your home after the perfect alignment with the rest of the ornamentation.

Boundless Design & Shading Options

Get Genuine Yet Quality Persian Rugs

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Installing Our Persian Rugs Handmade Will Give A Luxury Feel

Whether you want to buy Persian and Iranian carpets or searching for hand-woven rugs, we are the perfect source for you as we supply imported quality rugs to our clients that are resistant to fade and can endure heavy use. You can install these rugs in proper places and beautify the look of your living places with the intricate patterns and designs of rugs.

Our Persian rugs Dubai for sale can last for a lifetime with proper use and utmost maintenance. The main feature of having our rugs is that they don’t wear out after intense use. When you select us for the luxury Persian carpet, we’ll give you reliable discounts.

Our Durable Persian Rugs in Dubai

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Being the leading company in Dubai to provide modern Persian rugs, we assure you that you will get everything you desire from us according to your taste because we are here to fulfill your demands and give you the interior outlook you dream of.

Want To Enhance Your Interior Theme With An Aesthetic Persian Rug?

Get our cost-effective Persian area rugs that come with an endless pattern collection in Dubai.

Get Countless Benefits & Elevate The Style Of Your Places

We are the top-notch brand to provide rugs of your bespoke style and in the shapes that suit your places. Our Persian rugs in Dubai can perfectly hide the floors’ imperfections and add insulation to them.

Super-Experienced Team
We have a team that can give you the rugs and carpets tailored to your design needs. Our team is proficient and makes these hand-knotted oriental rugs to blend with your decor

Free Cost Estimates
We can give you the price estimate of your chosen rugs, and our estimate is bounded, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Why Must You Get Persian Rugs Dubai From Us?

If you are looking for handmade Persian rugs or Iranian carpets, we at can give you premium-quality customized rugs under your budget line. You can order Persian rugs in Dubai online from us or visit our store for hand-woven rugs.

Customer Satisfaction
The happiness of our clients is all we desire, and we endeavor for it.

Fixing & Repairing Rugs
We can help you with the seamless repair of rugs.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Persian rugs can last for a considerable time compared to other types. In contrast, machine-made rugs wear out over time. So, in terms of longevity and durability, these rugs can last for a lifetime if properly cared for.

Iran has been renowned for making the best quality Persian rugs for decades. If you want to purchase a carpet or rug, this country stands for designing rugs of the finest quality.

To check the authenticity of the rugs, check for fringes, as genuine Persian rugs don’t come with sewn-in fringes. When buying this carpet, if you notice the fringes at the back of the rugs, you can tell that this is not a genuine oriental rug.

The costs for Persian rugs depend on the labor used to produce a rug. The manufacturing process of these rugs can take years as these require expertise, and only a professional can do this job for you.