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Are you looking for grass carpet near me? Carpet In Dubai is the ultimate best destination for you. We are selling premium-grade floor coverings to boost the usage efficiency, visual appeal, and value of your property. Our grass carpet price is completely reasonable.


Add Comfort With Our Quality Grass Carpets In Your Lawn

At our grass carpet shop, we stock premium quality grass floor coverings made from nylon, polypropylene, and polyester to enhance your space’s beauty. You can buy these carpets within a range of thicknesses, color tones, pile heights, shapes, and sizes.

Buy Infill Materials

We provide infill materials of silicon sand, rubber crumbs, and other specialized synthetic materials for added performance and longevity.

Get Underlayment

To get utmost support and cushioning you can buy padding along with our cheap grass carpet UAE.

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Here Is A Glimpse Of Our Recently Done Projects

Our platform is renowned as the best one since we’ve done various fake carpet installation and customization projects with success.

Notable Benefits Of Having Our Artificial Grass Carpeting

Natural Appeal

Our grass carpet for the balcony will create a natural ambiance, is pleasant to look at, and comfortable to walk over.


These fake synthetic carpets are UV resistant, hence there’s no discoloration due to sunlight exposure.


Our best grass carpets don’t require cutting, mowing, fertilizers, or water for growth, hence effortless to care for.

Highly Durable

These carpets are composed of highly resilient synthetic and recyclable materials to offer long-term use.

Our Newest Collection Of Fake Carpets


Years Experience


Team Members


Designs Available


Material Variation

Buy Now Our  Grass Carpets & Get 15% OFF

Book Our Experts For Quick Grass Carpet Installations

Enhance the usability and visual appeal of your outdoors by approaching us for installation services. We send our well-trained installers equipped with all the essential tools to install grass carpets along with a proper drainage system.

Free Visit For Measurements

We make visits for area inspection and preparation, ensuring the accuracy of measurements.

Expert Repair Treatments

You can get our flawless repair solutions to fix the worn-out parts of your grass artificial carpet.

Dedicated Workers!

Book Free Appointments

Get expert assistance from our specialized team to select the ideal fake carpet for your residential and commercial settings.


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Why Must You Approach Us For Grass Carpet Dubai?

Carpet In Dubai has come up with an innovative floor treatment of fake turf carpets to enhance the look of your indoor and outdoor spaces. We provide high-performance carpets made from recyclable materials to create comfortable surfaces to walk over.

Durable Grass Carpets Dubai
Elegant Grass Carpets Dubai
Request Consultations

To acquire customized grass carpets, you can get our expert’s opinion about size and thickness.

Get Price Quotations

You can request a cost estimate for the grass carpet for sale as per your choice of color and pile height.

Prompt Delivery

You can trust us for quality purchases and timely order delivery to your places.

Priceless Feedback From Our Prestigious Clients

Definitely! These carpets can be used in any portion of your home, whether indoors or outdoors.You can get your balconies, terraces, patios, decks, gardens, and backyards covered with our fake turf carpets.

These carpets are known by different names like synthetic turf carpets, fake grass, artificial grass, or artificial turf. Another popular name for these fake grass carpets is AstroTurf.

Natural grass demands regular care and a lot of money is required to buy the equipment for its maintenance. On the contrary, fake grass carpets don’t require equipment to cut, and water or seeds for growth, proving them a beneficial investment for any space.

Outdoor grass carpets are the perfect idea to settle for in order to improve your exterior experience. They can be installed in landscapes, gardens, decks, patios, and various commercial locations to add an element of visual interest.

These carpets have simple maintenance and cleaning requirements. You can hose them down once a week. To remove the dirt and debris from this grass, you can use the leaf blower. For a thorough cleaning, make a soapy solution and rub the surface gently using a soft brush.

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